Fun Resources

These are some of my favorite resources for sparking productivity and keeping the creative juices flowing. They’re simple, fun to use and absolutely free!

Coffitivity – As much as I love music, I get very easily distracted by it when I’m writing. But I hate working in complete silence. So, what’s the happy medium? A coffee house. But on the days when I can’t get to Starbucks, this website/app is a great alternative, mimicking the ambient sounds of a café that help me relax and stay focused.

Don’t Break the Chain – This technique was supposedly developed by Jerry Seinfeld as a way to push himself to write every day. It’s simple, but hugely effective: get a calendar, and mark each day that you get your writing done with an “X”. By the time you’ve built a chain, you’ve built a habit that you don’t want to break. I love this online version because you can make multiple chains for other practices you want to keep up with (exercise, reading, meditation, etc.).

The Pomodoro Technique – There are books available on this technique, but in my opinion, the 2 minute video on their site (and any number of them on YouTube) tells you what you need to know to get started with this awesome time management and productivity tool.   All that’s required is a kitchen timer and a task you’re trying to tackle. Set the timer for 25 minutes (a “pomodoro”) and work without any distractions during that block. Give yourself a five minute break. Lather, rinse, repeat. (Note: After you’ve completed four “pomodori”, take a breather of about 15-30 minutes.)


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